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Welcome to Women of SaaS ✨✨

About us

Hey, we are Women of SaaS!

Your network to connect with other brilliant women of the SaaS industry 

The number of women in the SaaS industry is still low – and we're out to change that. We want to increase the visibility of these brilliant women – among each other and for everyone else.


Our mission is to accelerate careers by building a strong network of women elevating each other.

Now is the time to create a strong network of Women of SaaS: connecting and exchanging, helping each other through good and tough times, sharing SaaS experiences and career advice.

Headquartered in Berlin, we have hubs in Munich, Milan, Amsterdam and Vienna – and are ready to conquer the rest of the world!

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What you get

Join the club and get access to

A powerful network

Tap into our strong community of female SaaS professionals across all functions of the business and grow your network.


Get invited to exclusive events, meet cool women to exchange and do business talk with. And simply enjoy time with like-minded people!


Get insights into SaaS best practices, hear about pitfalls and benefit from your peers' advice and learnings from their SaaS career.

What People Are Saying

The Women of SaaS get-together in Berlin was just amazing. So energizing to hear about the diverse career paths, the motivations and ventures of these women. Thank you, it was wonderful to connect so deeply!

Julie Goelles - Parloa

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